I have a long term interest in the visual documentation of musical performance. Using advanced digital photographic equipment I have been able to cooperate with musicians to develop sensitive, intimate accounts of the rapport and skill that are needed to produce musical performances of the highest standard.  These accounts give a significant insight into the processes of music making, and are highly valued by the artists as a means of promoting their work. As a music lover, I feel I am able to engage with musicians across a very wide range of genres and find the process of making these visual documentations deeply satisfying.


Ivo Neame's Dodeka - Bishops Castle Jazz Festival

Ivo Neame

Off to Bishops Castle in Shropshire for a performance by Ivo Neame's spectacular 12 piece (you can tell by the name) band DODEKA as part of the Bishops Castle Jazz Festival.  An incredible line up including Laura Jurd on trumpet and Martin France on drums.  The band was tight, improvisations were uplifting and engaging and the whole thing swung.  A great night out.  To get a sense of the event, please go to Dodeka at Bishop's Castle Jazz Festival.

Steinway Piano Festival - Pizza Express Jazz, London

Ivo Neame

A wonderful week of piano music at Pizza Express, London. Hearing two pianists working together in a jazz concert is a rare treat, so this was an exceptional opportunity to hear two pairs of outstanding musicians on the same bill.  The first set was from Andrea Vicari and Naadia Sheriff; the second was given by Ivo Neame and Sam Leak. Both gave witty, virtuosic performances - a real pleasure. For more images, go to Steinway Piano Festival, Pizza Express.

Ambleside Days Jazz  Festival

Ambleside Days

The Ambleside Days Jazz Festival has been organised in Ambleside, Cumbria for over 10 years.  It was cancelled in 2020, so it was a delight to be able to cover the sound check / rehearsal for the concert on 2 September 2021.  The line up for the two sets included Conor Chaplin on Double Bass, Emma Smith – Vocals, Gareth Lockraine on Flutes, Gwilym Simcock  - Piano, Martin France - Drums, Mike Walker - Guitar, and Tim Garland – Saxophone.  The first set was a piano, flute, guitar trio, and the second was led by Emma Smith.  It was such a pleasure to be there.  For more pictures, see: Ambleside Days Jazz Festival.

Carla Bley Trio

Carla Bley

Carla Bley, Steve Swallow and Andy Sheppard have been making music together since the early 1990s.  For her glorious concert at King's Place, London, in October 2019, the Trio played a long set of new music.  The diversity and range of work offered was a testament to Bley's continuing creativity and the deep chemistry of these three unique talents.  For more photos from the sound check, go to Carla Bley Trio at King's Place.

Andy Sheppard Quartet

Andy Sheppard

The Andy Sheppard Quartet were playing playing new music in their concert at King's Place as part of the London Jazz Festival (there's an ECM CD due out early in 2018.  With Elvind Aarset (electric guitar), Michel Benita (bass), and Sebastien Rochford (drums), this proved to be an outstanding set.  More photos from the sound-check at: Andy Sheppard Quartet at King's Place

Tomasz Stańko New York Quartet

Tomasz Stanko

Tomasz Stańko's New York Quartet were playing at the Cadogan Hall as part of the London Jazz Festival.  A very strong line-up with David Virelles (piano), Gerald Cleaver (drums), and Reuben Rogers (bass) played to a packed house.  Images from the sound-check are at: Tomasz Stańko at the Cadogan Hall

Mathias Eick

Mathias Eick
The Mathias Eick Quartet at the Vortex

Aaron Parks Trio

Aaron Parks
The Aaron Parks Trio with Billy Hart at King's Place.

Tord Gustavsen

Tord Gustavsen
Tord Gustavsen Trio at King's Place


Zehetmair Kilius Quartet

Zehetmair Kilius Quartet at the Wigmore Hall

Xenia Jankovic

Xenia Jankovic

Xenia Jankovic at King's Place

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