Personal Photography


The majority of the galleries here are taken from recent work.  More photo sets will be added as time goes by and different journeys are embarked on.

May 2024


A return to France.  We had a week on the northern end of the Cotentin peninsula around La Hague.  Beautiful coastal walks and SO many flowers.  From there to the Sarthe for a celebration of life for our good friend Eduardo Feletti who died earlier this year. Glasses were raised.  If you'd like to see more pictures, do go to A May journey to France.

January-April 2024

Scout Scar

 Did we really have a winter? A few nights of frost, but days of unremitting rain.  The long nights and the dark days were wintry enough, and having the good luck to be inside and warm and dry was good - but there weren't enough hard bright days or clear skies. But hey, there were happy times with friends, we've come through the worst months - and there are some busy times coming up with new journeys and projects  If you want to see more images please go to Winter into Spring, 2024.

October-December 2023


October to December has been mixed.  Some time spent in London and Brussels, the rest in Cumbria.  There have been rare days of bright light - but much of the time it's been cloudy, windy and wet.  You grasp the good days as unexpected gifts - and still trudge around in the wind and the rain as they bring their own beauty. Oh - and their were two days of deep snow in December, just for variety. As we splash into winter, if you'd like to see more of the images in this set, please visit Autunm into Winter 2023.

September 2023


At last (a 5 year gap) and we were back in France.  We travelled from Caen to see friends in Ecommoy (south of Le Mans) and then down to the Jordanne valley in the Auvergne for a week.  The near perfect walking weather (too hot on the sunny side of the valley though) was a complete contrast to Cumbria - and spent mostly in the beech, hornbeam and pine forests on the North facing slopes above St Julien de Jordanne.  At the end of the week we went back up to the Sarthe  to see old friends near St Maixent (stopping over for the night in Villandry on the river Cher - just above where it joins the Loire), and then drove up to the Cotentin Peninsula in Normandy.  We had a night in St-Vaast-la-Houge and a day walking up to the Pointe de Barfleur and going down to Luc-sur-mer before getting the ferry back to Portsmouth. We were very lucky the weather held throughout our time there (bar one wet day) and didn't hit really heavy rain until we were back in the UK and stuck in traffic on the M30!  Still - no complaints.  If you'd like to see some photos from the walk, please visit An Autumn Journey.

July / August 2023


Summer has been mainly spent up here in the Lakes.  There was a brief couple of days in Paris, and ongoing work with Citizens Advice and MA dissertation students from King's.  The rest of the time has been, very happily, occupied with walking the valleys, hills and coast, looking after the the allotment, seeing friends, sheltering from the rain, (normal) and also sheltering from the sun (not normal).  There was a project with Cumbria Opera Group (documented here) - but the photos you can see at the following link are a kind of Summer Diary.  I hope you enjoy them.

June 2023

Bus stop 

It was only a week, but we seemed to have packed in a lot - and it was so good to be with friends in Poland again.  We travelled down to Lower Silesia by car - right up against the Czech border - stayed in a beautiful guest house, ate amazing food, and walked in the hills around.  Apart from driving us down to the South West, our friends Anna and Jarek treated us to visits to churches we would never have gone to on our own, and shared insights into the recent and earlier history and culture of the area.  It was good to be on the road with them.  If you would like to see more images from the trip, do visit a Week in Poland.

April 2023


Normal?  In so far as anything is, this begins to feel a bit more like it.  The great thing is that the wheel of the year turns, and even though it's wet and cold at the end of April and we're still lighting the wood burner at night, Spring's turning to Summer and things are opening up a bit.  We've been able to get out and about a bit more, and now there's blossom on the little apple tree in the back garden and we have future travel plans.  If you'd like to see how things have changed since February, please take a look at "Moving into Spring".

January 2023

Winter light

A strange season.  Although the pandemic in the UK may be "over" we're still living with the constraints of rail-strikes and unreal weather.  Summer seemed to go on for ever, and then a brief spell of winter weather knocked everything sideways.  Now it's raining!  We managed to get to London once (which feels like a minor miracle these days), but for the rest of the time have counted ourselves fortunate to be based in Cumbria.  If you'd like to get a sense of how things have been, go to Autumn light / Winter light.

October 2022


A week in Northumberland after a summer mainly in the Lakes.  Windswept beaches, castles, astounding geological variety.  A good break.  If you'd like to see some more photos, do visit Northumberland 2022 - Autumn Light.

September 2022


I spent a large part of the last 2 years working with two friends (painter, David Fulford, and photographer, Andy Mortimer) on a project we called "Revisiting Lake District Landscapes".  Our starting point was an 18th Century guide book by Thomas West. The guide described over 20 "viewing stations" which the author claimed gave the best picturesque prospects of the English lakes.  Our biggest challenge was not to produce yet another set of chocolate box images.  We hope that we achieved this with the work that will be on show at John Ruskin's House, Brantwood, Coniston, until January 2023. More information about the exhibition can be found on the Brantwood website.  A collection of the photographs I contributed, and some shots of how the show looks, can be found at: Revisiting Lake District Landscapes. An account of how my project developed can be found at: Arguments with the picturesque – quoting from nature.

Derwent Water

June-August 2022


Well - we're into Autumn now, so it's a good moment to look back over this post(ish) pandemic summer.  Cumbria has felt a bit cut off from the rest of the world as the service on the West Coast mainline train has gone from bad to worse, and friends and family have continued to get infected with Covid.  However, the sun has shone (not too excessively up here), and we've been happy to able to welcome visitors and get out and about a bit more.  There has been open air theatre and sheepdog trials to keep us entertained, and the odd urban foray.  It could have been a lot worse.  For more images, please do visit: Summer light: Summer 2022 - a kind of diary

August 2022

Sheepdog Trials

The year turns - but this time with sweltering heat.  After Covid cancellations and awful weather, this year's Rydal Sheepdog Trials took place on a glorious summer's day.  The hound shows, sheepdog trials and general rural meeting and greeting were good to be part of. But it was hot!  If you'd like to see more images, go to Rydal SheepdogTrials.

June 2022

Limestone flowers

Orchids, marguerites, clover, and, to my shame, so many other flowers whose names I don't know.  We had beautiful weather at the beginning of June and the flowers have been wonderful on the limestone escarpments to the west of Kendal.  For more pictures go to Summer flowers on Scout and Cunswick Scars.

May 2022


A return to North Norfolk.  Walking with friends on huge empty beaches, wider conversations, a bit more normal than it's felt for a long time.  It's good to be able to post a "what we did on our holiday" report.  If you would like to see more images, go to Late Spring Light: North Norfolk

February / March 2022

Gurnall Dubs

It must feel a bit like this if you're a beaver that's about to be re-wilded.  We've been putting our noses out of doors, sniffing the air, testing the water, looking out at this strange, changed world.  Life doesn't feel normal but at least it's life.  London has felt different, but good.  Cumbria and the area around Kendal continue to console. And Spring is coming. For more photos from the beginning of the year, go to: Spring Light: February March

January 2022

Gurnal Dubs

The year goes round again - and we've had nearly 2 years under pandemic conditions. However difficult it's been, I'm sure we've had it easier than many as we have so much open space on our doorstep.  We were out this morning while the sun shone through gaps in the cloud and went up and round the tarn at Gurnal Dubs.  A favourite walk.  A blessing.  If you'd like to see more images, go to: Winter light: a walk around Gurnal Dubs

October 2021: Looking back - 2007, a very different year


One of my lock-down projects was to produce a series of books of 100 photos a year.  I've just got back to 2007, and have been struck by how much travel I did!
There was a documentation of the
experience of young people coming to live and work in Northern Ireland, and the friends and family they left behind. This took me to Portugal, Spain, Latvia and Poland, with a final exhibition at Stormont in Belfast. Alongside this work I found myself in the US, Russia, France, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and also managed to fit in two visits to friends in France, and a holiday in Cumbria (little knowing we'd be living here in the future).  While in the UK there were music assignments for ECM, and life in London and Cheshire (where Sue's mother was still alive - as was Teddy the dog).
Writing this with the continuing noise of the Covid 19 pandemic all around, it all looks very, very strange.  If you'd like to see some of the images, go to 2007: 100 photographs.

October 2021: Cumbria - Autumn light


October seemed to be mainly wet - but then you look back and realise there were sunny days.  With the clocks having changed, the light going by 4.30 and the weather getting cooler, the times when you can get out are doubly precious.  If you'd like to get a sense of Cumbria in Autumn, go to October: Autumn Light

September 2021: Cumbria / London - Moving into Autumn

Winster Valley

Where did that go? September was a time of baby steps as we emerged from the worst of lockdown.  We still had the great good luck to have the countryside around Kendal to walk in, but was also a new music theatre projects (see Theatre) and we managed to get down to London for a few days.  So far October's been OK - fingers are crossed.  If you'd like to see more pictures go to Cumbria / London - Moving into Autumn.

August 2021: Yorkshire - a weekend: Fine art and lost monuments at High Hoyland


Well - a complete change.  We went to stay with friends in a B&B near the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and took in Saltaire, with the David Hockney Gallery, and the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield.  As a bonus, the B&B was in a converted deconsecrated church, and was surrouneded by a very atmospheric abandoned graveyard!  A good weekend.  For more picures go to Yorkshire: Art and lost monuments.

August 2021: Cumbria - a walk in the North Lakes: Over Mellbreak and back by Crummockwater

Crummock Water

We were up in the North Lakes with friends Dinah and Richard, and went for a walk up a high fell called Mellbreak. It was much more demanding than we'd expected, with a very steep track over scree for the first ascent. However, the reward once we'd got to the top was worth it – with spectacular views over Crummock Water and Buttermere and a lovely long grassy descent before walking back along the lake shore. If you'd like to see more photos, go to: Over Mellbreak and back by Crummockwater.

July 2021: Cumbria - a round of the Winster valley from Cartmel Church


A very hot day, so it was good to walk through the woods that skirt the Winster valley.  They have lovely names like Low Loft and Cow Head, Hagg and Keen.  There are fewer wild flowers now, but the grass is high and full of butterflies.  A good place to be in weather like this.  For more pictures, go to A round of the Winster Valley.

July 2021: Yorkshire - Muker to Keld. Upland meadows and a valley in the Dales


A day out in the Yorkshire Dales to visit the flower meadows at Muker.  We were about a week late, unfortunately, to see them at their best, but the variety of flowers and grasses in these historically important meadows was still breathtaking. The meadows + the seven mile round of the valley between Muker and Keld made it a good day. If you would like to see more images, go to: Muker to Keld.

June 2021: Suffolk - Coast, Gardens, Churches


We managed to get away for a week to Suffolk - a week which began with hot sun and ended with cloudy skies and rain.  Still, it was good to see another landscape and walk different paths.  And to have conversations with friends we'd not seen for too long.  If you'd like to see more images, go to Suffolk - Coast, Gardens, Churches.

June 2021: Cumbria - A  flowering above Crook

A flowering

After a miserable, cold, wet May, June has come in like a pre-Raphaelite bride in all her finery.  There's a lovely walk just two or three miles from Kendal. It starts above Crook - a village on the way to Bowness and Windermere) and winds its way through the rocky outcrops at the head of the Lyth Valley and back towards Stavely.  Everything seemed to be in flower.  If you would like to see more pictures, do go to Cumbria - a flowering above Crook.

May 2021: Cumbria - Arnside to Grange - a walk across Morecambe Bay

Morecambe Bay

After a wet wet beginning to May, and with more rain forecast, we took up the offer of a walk across Morcambe Bay from Arnside to Grange-over-Sands with some trepidation.  However, it turned out to be a glorious afternoon, and with two or three hundred other people, played follow-my-leader across the sands of the Bay under huge, open skies.  If you'd like to see more images, go to Arnside to Grange - a walk across Morecambe Bay.

May 2021: Cumbria - A Claife Heights to Moss Eccle Tarn round

Moss Eccle Tarn

Claife Heights is the ridge above Ferry Nab on Windermere.  There's a lovely path that goes up through the woods and then across heath and forest to Moss Eccle Tarn - just down the road from Beatrix Potter's house in Far Sawrey.  It's a lovely part of the world.  For more pictures, go to A Claife Heights to Moss Eccle Tarn round.

April 2021: Cumbria - Walney Island.  A tangle of knots.

 A tangle of knots

To Walney Island with friends today.  Walney is a very low lying nature reserve in West Cumbria, near the industrial town of Barrow-in-Furness.  It is a haven for sea birds and waders, as well as grey seals.  We were there in the afternoon and the wild-life was far too busy doing its own thing to hang around waiting for us to look at it.  But at the end of a beautiful walk out to the lighthouse on the headland, we were blessed with the sight of a tangle of knots - the spectacular group flight display of these small wading birds.  For more pictures, go to "Walney Island - a tangle of knots".

April 2021: Cumbria - Spring light. Three days in April


Three beautiful, bright days, and three days of walking. There was a walk along Cunswick Scar, just up the hill from home in Kendal; a circuit of the Rusland Valley, a remote area to the south-west of Windermere; and a wonderful climb up Wansfell from Troutbeck in cold, bright sunshine. The walks were mostly firm under foot and enjoyed in good company.  If you'd like to see more photos, go to: Cumbria: Three days in April.

April 2021: Cumbria - Spring light. Whitbarrow Scar. Again.


A strangely quiet Easter Saturday despite the partial loosening of rules.  Its the second year that we've walked over Whitbarrow Scar under lockdown conditions.  We saw a few locals, but had the place to ourselves by and large.  Whitbarrow is a dramatic limestone escarpment that most people drive past on their way to the Western Lake District.  It's actually a lovely walk through woodland at the cliff's foot, and then, after a steep scramble up a rake, down a long ridge to where you started from. With the sunshine, and the blackthorn just coming into flower, along with the primroses, violets and emerging wild garlic, it felt as if Spring was more than just a possibility. If you'd like to see more pictures, go to: Spring light - Whitbarrow Scar. Again.

March 2021: London - Spring light. A journey from Oxenholme and back. Quiet, empty spaces.


I needed to go to London this week. It has been the first time I've been on a train since January 2020, and the first time I've walked through the city in over a year.  The documentation here gives a snapshot of what's open (it's surprising what's considered to be essential), what's closed, and how this world city has ground to a halt.  It was sobering.  If you'd like to see more, go to: A journey from Oxenholme and back. Quiet, empty spaces

March 2021: Cumbria - Spring Light. Another walk - A circuit of Sallows from Green Quarter in Kentmere


Green Quarter is a hamlet above Kentmere village.  When you can't find anywhere to park near the church, it offers somewhere to leave the car before walking on the heights above.  This little round takes you up the Garbun Pass and then around the perimiter of Kentmere Park.  It's a fairly informal track which follows the walls that enclose the summit of Sallows and the moors around.  It's a good walk.  If you'd like to see more pictures, go to: A circuit of Sallows from Green Quarter.

Sallows Map

March 2021: Cumbria - Spring Light. Another day - Potter Tarn and Gurnal Dubs

Potter Tarn

There's been the feeling of the season turning this week.  Gurnal Dubs is a man-made reservoir to the North of Kendal in the low Eastern Fells of the Lake District.  Later in the season, if you do the circuit from Hag Foot, the banks beside the little road you come down are full of wild flowers.  There were only a few late snow drops and some clumps of daffodils today.  Still, we can hope for wild garlic, primroses and bluebells in the weeks to come.  If you'd like to see more pictures, go to Another day - Potter Tarn and Gurnal Dubs.

March 2021: Cumbria - Spring Light. Two days. Early signs of Spring in Brigsteer Woods and Whitbarrow Scar


Two surprisingly warm days.  On Tuesday there was birdsong, sunshine and the first wild daffodils and primroses.  On Wednesday, it was a little cooler and overcast, but there was still air and you finished the walk feeling hopeful under blue skies. OK, it'll be cold again by the weekend, but we had a glimpse of how things might be this afternoon. If you'd like to see more images, go to Spring Light: Early signs in Brigsteer Woods and Whitbarrow Scar.

February 2021: Cumbria - Early Spring Light. A walk around Potter Tarn


Time continues to pass and Spring's putting its head around the shoulder of the hills.  We went for a walk up from Stavely and around Potter Tarn.  In this set there are no photos of the water, but there are images of how Spring's begining to show through.  If you'd like to see the photos, go to: Early Spring Light. A walk around Potter Tarn.

January 2021: Cumbria - Winter Light. Almost monochrome. A walk around Scout and Cunswick Scars


While we're still hunkered down waiting for a vaccine, waiting for things to move on, the weather changes.  It was almost windless today with thick mist in the valleys.  Walking up on to the limestone scars above Kendal, we came into brief patches of sun and the world turned milky blue, hazy yellow, and then back to grey.  Everything looks different when it's like this, and isolated trees that attract no attention on a sunny day become landmarks, things for the ey to hold on to.  I you would like to see more pictures, go to Winter Light. Almost monochrome. A walk around Scout and Cunswick Scars.

January 2021: Cumbria - Winter Light. A walk around Benson Knott (almost monochrome)

Benson's Knott

Mist, snow and frost.  It wasn't really a morning for going out, but we went up Benson Knott with a couple of  friends (socially distanced and walking in separate pairs!), and it was worth the effort.  Very strange light, with some moments of unreal blue and sepia.  Lovely.  If you'd like to see more images, go to: A walk around Benson Knott.

January 2021: Cumbria - Winter Light. Snow above Kendal

Cunswick Scar

A rare day of sunshine and a covering of snow.  The lockdown has dragged on, but we're lucky to have the limestone escarpment of Cunswick Scar just behind where we live.  On a day like this, it's a source of consolation. More images at: Winter light - Snow above Kendal.

January 2021: Cumbria - Winter Light. A walk above Kentmere


There's a walk above Kentmere Valley before you get to the higher fells and the Kentmere Round (Ill Bell round to Harter Fell and Kentmere Pike).  It's not that high or dramatic, but it's a good morning's walk.  More pictures at: A walk above Kentmere

December 2020: Cumbria - Winter Light. A walk around Jenny Brown's Point


These cold bright days are such a relief after the wet greyness in the run up to Christmas this year.  Given the on-going Covid restrictions, it's been wonderful being able to get out.  We walked around Jenny Brown's Point - a headland om the North side of Morecambe Bay.  The light was beautiful.  If you'd like to see more images go to: Winter Light. A walk around Jenny Brown's Point.

December 2020: Cumbria - Winter Light. A walk around Rosthwaite and Birket Houses


Every now and again, you get days with unexpectedly wonderful light.  Today was one of these.  We were lucky enough to be able to go for a walk with friends, following the small footpaths around Rosthwaite and Birket Houses, just two or three miles from Windermere.  If you'd like to see more images, go to Winter light: A walk around Rosthwaite and Birket Houses.

November 2020: Cumbria - Autumn Light. Whitbarrow Scar revisited


We're back in Lockdown - but the sun shone, the air was clear and the woods below Whitbarrow Scar were still full of colour.  We went there for a morning walk with a (socially distanced) friend and I couldn't stop looking at the patterns.  If you'd like to see more pictures, go to Whitbarrow Scar revisited.

October 2020: Cumbria - Autumn Light


We were able to take advantage of a break in the weather to get out for a walk at the head of the Lyth Valley near Kendal.  Bell Hill looks a bit like its name - small, rounded - and there's a network of ancient paths which go through the woods and fields that surround it.  We followed these for a couple of hours and enjoyed the wider views and the detailed colour of recent leaf fall.  More images can be seen at Cumbria: Autumn light - A walk around Bell Hill.

October 2020: STILL socially distanced - walking the North Norfolk Coast


Well, we did manage to get away for a bit before the winter.  October in Norfolk makes a complete change from Cumbria, and we were blessed with good weather.  We were also lucky and managed to spend some (socially distanced) time with friends, so it wasn't just the walking that pleased, but also the good company.  Some photos taken during a week's walking can be seen at: Walking the North Norfolk Coast

August 2020: STILL socially distanced - a walk around the Rusland Valley, Cumbria

Rusland Valley

Well, at least we're not locked down.  It's high summer in the Lakes, the hottest day of the year in the SE (but fortunately not here), but the hotspots are heaving, the roads are super-busy and the new staycation normal is proving to be a mixed blessing.  However, there are quiet corners where you can walk all day and not see another soul.  If you'd like to see some more pictures go to A walk around the Rusland valley.

July 2020: Still socially distanced - a walk around Whitbarrow Scar, Cumbria

Arnside from Whitbarrow Scar

... and we're still here.  The lockdown is less severe and more and more visitors are returning to the Lakes, so we avoided the high fells and went for a local walk around the wonderful limestone edge of Whitbarrow Scar. After walking through the woods and then climbing to the high point, it's a long gentle ridge walk with great views over the Morecambe estuary. To see more photos go to: A walk around Whitbarrow Scar.

June 2020: 4 weeks of reduced Covid-19 Lockdown - further afield in Cumbria

Gurnal Dubbs

... and we're still here.  This is a new set of images from walks a little further from Kendal.  We're still not going into the central Lake District, still keeping our social distance.  However, we can now walk with other friends, begin to meet as social animals, and Spring is now tumbling into Summer.  Such strange days.  If you'd like to see more pictures, go to 4 weeks of Lockdown: Further afield

May 2020: 6 weeks of Covid 19 Lockdown, Cunswick Scar, Cumbria

Ash tree

It is so strange looking back over the photos from other years, other springs.  However, we are where we are, and I have blessings to count.  The images here were all made on a daily walk during April and early May 2020.  Whatever the pandemic has thrown at us so far, we've been so fortunate to have all this within five minutes of our back door.  If you would like to see more photos, go to Lockdown, Cunswick Scar, Cumbria

September 2019: Galloway, a walk along the Solway Coast 


A complete change of scene over the weekend as we went walking with friends up in Galloway.  We stayed near Dalbeattie and had three days along the coast.  The sun shone too!  If you'd like to seem more pictures, go to Galloway, a walk along the Solway…

August 2019: Unreal real places

Sri Lanka - Batticaloa

In Sri Lanka for work, I kept on being struck by the sense of strangeness that seems to accompany me on a journey of this kind.  From London I went to Colombo, Trincomalee, Batticaloa, Kandy and then back to Colombo.  There were some wonderful conversations and meetings, but there were also these strange moments of silent oddness.  Maybe you'll get a sense from the photos in the set here: Unreal real places: a journey to Sri Lanka

June 2019: Looking back - Colours, 15 years


I realise that although I feel unsure about colour photography, a large part of what I've done has depended on colour as much as on form.  I looked back through the archive - back to before digital cameras and through until recent times, and found a selection that I quite like.  They were taken as part of specific commissions or as personal work, and in locations as distant as Senegal, Georgia, and Ethiopia and as near as London and Norfolk.  They might be of interest.  If you'd like to take a look, go to Looking Back - Colours

April 2019: Looking back - Nepal, December 2001


I've just got my Nikon Coolscan slide scanner working again thanks to the excellent Graeme Hardie at Lincoln Scan.  I can't recommend him too highly! As a result, I've been able to re-scan and process a set of slides taken during a walking trip in Nepal in 2001.  We helicoptered up to and then walked down from Jomsom (not our first choice - and not the best decision we've ever made!), and once I'd got over the altitude sickness I documented parts of the journey.  It's interesting to look back sometimes - and it's been a good reminder of what working with the hard discipline of Kodachrome was like!  If you're interested you can see more images at Walk down from Jomsom.

December 2018 / January 2019


A trip to visit old friends who live in Tepoztlán, (Morelos, Mexico).  Murals have been painted throughout the old town - some political, others more commercial or just decorative.  They have a certain charm (as do the dogs!).  Some more photos can be seen at Tepoztlán, street observations.

September / October 2018

France 2018

A return to Europe at a troubling time with Brexit looming.  It was good to see friends in Berne and the Sarthe - and also to walk the high ridges around the valley of the Jordanne in the Cantal.  There's a small selection of images from an the trip here: France, 2018 - an Autumn journey.

July 2018


Walking from Roanhead to the pier at Askham you skirt the Duddon Sands and arrive at the remnants of the iron works which were at the heart of the industrial economy of this part of Cumbria in the C19.  There's little left now, but the pier that was built with slag from the furnaces is still impressive.  On the horizon there are the wind turbines - a new revolution. If you'd like to see more images, go to Cumbria: Roanhead and Askham - an industrial landscape.

June 2018

The wall

After a term of teaching in London and the opening of the Tree Portraits exhibition on 8th June in Kendal, it's been good to be back on the fells.  A new project is emerging focused on the wall around Kentmere Park.  Some preliminary studies can be found in A walk around Sallows.

April 2018


We were in Cornwall (staying near the Camel Trail between Padstow and Bodmin) and had good weather! The week included a visit to Tate St Ives, walking the coast around Pentire Point and Polzeath and along the Camel valley, and then getting down to see friends near Porthgwarra. If you'd like to see some images from the week, go to Cornwall: spring days

March / April 2018


Sue broke her knee a year ago and it's been a long, slow recovery.  The good news is that after surgery in December she's getting out in the hills again and we're looking forward to longer and higher walks as the year progresses.  We've been out with friends over this Easter weekend and been lucky to stay dry.  Curlews, skylarks, ramsens (wild garlic) and the first lambs.  For some more photos go to: Cumbria: 2 days in early spring.

October 2017


Another year!  I've been busy with other projects, so not added enough to this area of the site.  I shall start to make up for lost ground.  Images here are from a walk with friends over Great Asby Scar, north of Tebay in Cumbria.  A lovely area - if you'd like to see more images go to: A walk around Asby Scar.

November 2016


As the colour goes and November progresses, the shape of the landscape and the trees becomes clearer each day.  We had some beautiful sunshine in November alongside the storms and rain, so it was possible to have good days out.  Some more images can be seen at Scout Scar, Undermill Common and the Winster Valley.

October 2016

Ennerdale Water

More beautiful Autumn weather.  With friends for the weekend in Ennerdale, and blessed with a calm, sunny day on the Friday.  Saturday saw the weather transformed, with a cold wind and cloud down to the valley floor.  Autum in Cumbria!  For more pictures, go to A walk around Ennerdale Water.

October 2016


This year Autumn has kept on throwing up beautiful days.  We were lucky and were able to get out to walk up Hartsop above How above Patterdale.  A beautiful day.
To see more photos visit Hartsop-above-How.

September 2016


From Diss to North Norfolk - a summer journey to the English Seaside.  A week of unbelievably hot Autumn weather which ended truer to type with a sea-mist rolling in off the North Sea.  For more pictures go to ... a summer journey to the English Seaside.

August 2016


Summer again so it's the Rydal Sheepdog and Hound Trials.  Rather a lot of pictures of dogs and their people... If this combination catches your fancy you'll enjoy..

July 2016

Beacon Tarn

After 6 weeks without doing proper walks it's so good to be out again.  We walked from Water Yeat up to Beacon Tarn and on to Blawith Fells for lunch (beautiful views across Lake Coniston). Then, it was back to the tarn for a swim and a sunny walk home. It doesn't get much better.

June 2016

Lindisfarne Causeway

In early June, we walked the 70 odd miles from Melrose in the Scottish Borders to the island of Lindisfarne off the Northumberland coast.  The walk follows a trail past a number of sites associated with St Cuthbert, starting at Melrose Abbey and ending at the Abbey on Lindisfarne. We were blessed with exceptionally good weather and had a very good time. If you'd like to see more images, go to St Cuthbert's Walk: a long walk with friends.

March 2016

Back in Hong Kong and a day out on Peng Chau.  It's only half an hour from the Central Pier on Hong Kong Island, but it's a another world.  You can walk around the island in around 3 hours, and on a cool March day you forget you're in part of one of the most densely populated places on the planet.  For more pictures, go to Empty Places 2: Peng Chau

March 2016

In China to complete a text book project we'd been working on for the last three years. This time we didn't stay on the main campus but were in the conference hotel across the road. All a bit surreal...  For more images, go to Empty Spaces 1 - Guangzhou

March 2016

I was in India for work travelling from Delhi to Kolkata and then on to Patna and beyond in Bihar.  A good journey.  The work was done in the education system in Bihar, but these images are of life on the road and in the towns along the way.  The collection can be seen at: India March 2016


February 2016

Windermere from Wansfell

We went for a walk up to Wansfell Pike, and delightful short circuit from Troutbeck.  It was a cloudy cold Saturday and we had a good time with friends. On the Monday the sun shone so we did the walk again - and it was even more beautiful.  For more pictures go to Wansfell, 2 days.

December 2015

After a week of rain there was a window of better weather, so we walked the Silverdale headland.  Beautiful views over Morecambe Bay. For more pictures, go to Silverdale, fields, water, woods.

December 2015

Gurnal Dubbs

The only frosty day so far this December, so we went for a walk with friend Steve Gould up to Gurnal Dubbs.  Good to have the ground crisp underfoot.  More photos can be seen at A walk around Gurnal Dubbs, Cumbria

October 2015

Derwent Water

It's all a bit picture postcard, but the Lakes in Autumn are spectacularly beautiful.  We went for a walk around Derwent water with friends and I took some pictures.  For more images, go to A walk around Derwent Water

November 2015

Dow Crag

Coniston Old Man and Dow Crag in the Central Lake District make a very satisfying circuit and it was far too long since we'd last been there.  The light was strange and colour didn't do justice to the mountain views.  I hope the black and white images here don't make it feel too bleak - it wasn't. However, they do give an account of the shape of the land.

EARLIER WORK: If you would like to see earlier work in this area please visit my archived web site